Choosing the Right Asphalt Contractor in Sarasota FL for Your Paving Job

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When you’re looking for an asphalt contractor that has the versatility, expertise and commitment to quality you expect, turn to TMT Asphalt Services. Whether it’s a simple repair job or a complete asphalt repaving, we are the asphalt paving contractor Sarasota Florida homeowners and property managers turn to. With our commitment to industry best practices and year-long warranty, we’ll have your paving project completed…smoothly.

The Florida sun beats down on asphalt driveways and with unrelenting heat for hours each day, year-round. With frequent usage and the wear and tear that comes with Sarasota sun and fun, asphalt can degrade, crumble or become uneven. When there’s a problem with your asphalt, it’s imperative to keep visitors, friends, family and residents safe by resolving the issue quickly.

Asphalt 101

To understand how an asphalt contractor works, it helps to understand how an asphalt driveway or lot is constructed. Asphalt is a highly affordable material for driveways, which is why it is the most common choice for such structures. An asphalt driveway or lot has three levels.

The first is the bottom (subgrade) level, which often contains the natural soil that’s already present. This soil is compacted and graded to create a smooth, even base for construction. At this level, if the area is wet, additional precautions will be installed to make sure water does not create issues later.

Next is the base, a 3- to 6-inch layer of concrete, crushed gravel or an asphalt composite. This material is coarser than the subgrade and needs to be compacted.

The asphalt composite is used to complete the project. About 2 or 3 inches of product lays atop the base. Your paving contractor will use heavy rollers to smooth the top layer and make sure its flat and at the proper height.

After the asphalt top layer is set, there’s more to do. Edges need to be created and graded at the correct pitch to make sure water outflow is effective.

Repair and Replace

In Sarasota Florida your driveway will last 20-30 years. Commercial lots and drives do not last as long given the volume of traffic, and need to be spruced up more regularly and re-striped.

Your drive’s or lot’s lifespan depends on the quality of the subgrade layer, usage and weather.

Small cracks and divots are inevitable and can usually be repaired with a touch-up or basic resurfacing, which adds 1.5-2 inches of height. Larger cracks can be problematic, expand and permeate your driveway, creating a hazard for people and vehicles. If there is damage to more than 25 percent of the driveway, it’s likely time to replace the whole driveway.

For more than 20 years, TMT Asphalt Services (The Master’s Touch) has been the solution for thousands of customers. Whether it’s new or repaired driveways and parking lots, lot stripe painting or signage, our customers come first. Our job is not done until you are 100 percent satisfied. If you are looking for an asphalt contractor in Sarasota FL, contact TMT Asphalt Services at 941 447-1000 or