Asphalt Paving Sarasota FL

Asphalt Paving Sarasota FL

5 Signs That You Should Repair Your Asphalt Paving This Summer

TMT Asphalt Paving Sarasota Offers Affordable, Professional Solutions to Keep Your Driveway Working Properly


When it comes to commercial driveways, appearance and performance are both important. Having a great paving contractor who can help with your asphalt paving and asphalt striping needs is essential. With the harsh heat in Sarasota, FL, having a paving contractor who can respond to needed repairs fast is essential to keep customers, clients, residents and visitors satisfied.

Here are 5 signs that you should repair your asphalt paving Sarasota this summer.

  1. Cracked Surface

Is your driveway beginning to resemble an alligator, with scraggly, jagged cracks running from end to end? When cracks form, it’s a sign of damage that can be worsened when gasoline, oil, chemicals or water seep in. While it’s normal for cracks to appear on a driveway, the number and length of those cracks makes a difference.

At TMT Asphalt Paving Sarasota Fl, we can assess the number, length, depth and width of the cracks and make a recommendation on whether to repair them. If the cracks are severe, it may make sense to replace the driveway.

  1. Potholes

When the ground beneath your asphalt driveway expands and contacts, it can weaken the surface material. Traffic driving over ever-increasingly large cracks eventually further weakens these spots. The material eventually gives way and causes a pothole.

While potholes are common, they are also costly, both to those who use the driveway and complaints that property managers will receive to repair these nuisances. Your asphalt paving contractor can advise on the best type of repair to ensure that potholes are remedied with little disruption to traffic.

  1. Drainage Problems

Installing and maintaining a driveway is not just about the asphalt. You also need to ensure that drainage is proper to ensure that water and other liquids run off the driveway properly. Standing liquids can cause many problems for your driveway. Pooling water or water that runs down the middle of the driveway (and not the sides) are signs that your driveway has a drainage issue that needs to be addressed. This can be accomplished by fixing the slope of your driveway, adding or repairing curbing and installing drainage basins to allow water to exit the property and not pool.

  1. Faded Lines

The hot Sarasota, FL weather can do a number on asphalt striping. You need to be sure that those navigating your driveway can safely get into and out of parking spaces properly. Clogged parking lots lead to fender benders and can cause injuries to pedestrians and drivers alike.

  1. Faded Appearance

It’s perfectly natural for shiny black asphalt to fade over time to a cool gray appearance. The sun’s ultraviolet rays penetrate the porous asphalt and can oxidize the surface. While much fading is cosmetic and can be solved by sealcoating the surface, over time, oxidization will weaken the driveway, requiring repair or replacement.

At TMT Asphalt Services, we have years of experience helping Sarasota Florida customers repair driveways with fast asphalt paving services and affordable rates. Let us help you keep your driveways looking and performing their best.