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Keep It Professional: 4 Reasons to Avoid Attempting DIY Pavement Repair

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Asphalt driveways provide for smooth sailing for cars, bikes, and people. But often St Petersburg FL property managers see a problem and think that they can solve the issue themselves. When it comes to pavement repair and asphalt St Petersburg businesses should instead contact a qualified, licensed asphalt contractor like TMT Asphalt. With years of experience, not to mention the equipment and personnel to do the job right, TMT is the contractor for asphalt St Petersburg trusts.

Here are 4 reasons for avoiding trying a DIY pavement repair in St Petersburg FL.

  1. A Professional Asphalt Contractor Saves You Time

Business owners have plenty of demands on their time – customers, tenants, and employees all need something. Spending several days visiting stores, buying equipment and supplies, and toiling to complete repairs is not how you want to spend your valuable hours.

For asphalt St Petersburg companies instead should rely on a professional asphalt contractor like TMT Asphalt. We’ll take care of the dirty work and leave your property looking professional and clean.

  1. An Asphalt Repair Company Reduces Liability

When thinking about pavement repair St Petersburg business owners and property managers should consider the risks of fixing a driveway or parking lot themselves. Your company can be at risk of tire and wheel damage claims due to uneven asphalt driveways or potholes. Visitors walking on a driveway in disrepair may fall, leading to lawsuits and insurance claims.

With a professional asphalt company, you’ll have licensed, trained and experienced teams evaluating the driveway and making repairs that keep your property safe and your insurance and legal fees low.

  1. A Professional Ensures ADA Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act provides specific guidelines about the proper striping of parking lots to ensure there are enough handicap-accessible spaces for visitors. This strict set of requirements includes specific sizes, spaces and access for cars and vans.

If you do parking lot repairs yourself, you may need to restripe the lot to maintain compliance with ADA guidelines. At TMT Asphalt, we are experts in both asphalt pavement repair and ADA striping guidelines. We are a one-stop shop to ensure your parking lot is working properly and is compliant.

  1. Professional Asphalt Services Save Money

If you want to ensure that you have a quality product, with work done by skilled professional teams, then you want to hire a professional for your asphalt repair project. Not only do you need to research and purchase materials, there are also specialized supplies and equipment companies like TMT Asphalt use to ensure your driveway or parking lot repair work is done right the first time. All too often, we get calls from businesses that try to complete a repair themselves first, only to find they can’t finish it or the repair didn’t work.

For 17 years, TMT Asphalt has been serving commercial customers with asphalt St Petersburg. Let us repair your driveway for you.